Cultivating Exceptional Experiences

The Gallery invites older adults to embrace the fullness of life with creativity and camaraderie. Every story is a cherished brushstroke, painting a collective masterpiece of shared moments. Whether you’re practicing Spanish while enjoying flamenco dance lessons or joining a club for poetry-loving gardeners, we ensure your individuality flourishes. In The Gallery, you’re empowered to be the curator of your own story and to live it authentically alongside many others eager to join you.

group of experience senior living employees smiling

“From concept through construction, and in every detail in each environment, we make sure that each community we create is a place where anyone would love to be.”


Unique Communities Start with Inspired Spaces 

Every Gallery residence is constructed with exceptional materials and finishes to create an environment of comfort and belonging. Embracing the vibrant spirit of our community, we spotlight local artists, infusing their creations throughout. The combination of art and architecture is the beating heart of every single one of The Gallery’s communities.

A male resident admiring the view from the deck of one of The Gallery's on-site restaurants.

Experience Our Values


Residents, families and team members will have assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, and truth of Experience Senior Living


Interpersonal relationships are fostered between residents, families, team members, and the greater community


We are committed to creating extraordinary experiences for residents, their families, and team members


We constantly look to new ideas, methodologies and mechanisms to enhance the lives of residents, families and team members


We treat each other with respect by listening, then responding and taking action in a timely and professional manner